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Renovating a house is an ideal time to install Icynene® spray foam insulation especially if energy efficiency is something you are looking to achieve or focus on. Energy efficient homes push up the price of the house because they cost less to run, making them more appealing to a potential buyer. The environmental benefits are clear too, and with lower energy requirements there are lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Insulation is definitely a key area to look at with older houses that are in need of refurbishment. They are likely to have poor or no insulation, especially within roof spaces. Heat loss through the roof is one of the most common causes of inefficiency of a house but with Icynene® spray foam insulation this energy loss could be halved.

Exterior and interior walls should also be insulated during refurbishment projects. Not only does this retain heat and lower energy consumption but the airtight sealing properties of Icynene® means that harmful pollutants stay on the outside of the house. Interior walls can be insulated to reduce sound levels of neighbours in terrace housing or within the house itself, for example toilets, children’s rooms and living rooms.

The overall living environment of Icynene® insulated houses is very comfortable, with no cold spots or drafts, just a consistent temperature throughout each room. As well as this, harmful pollutants, such as traffic fumes, dust and allergens remain outside leaving the air within safe to breath. Moisture too is unable to pass through walls that have been insulated with Icynene® and so condensation and mould build up are alleviated.


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