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Creating a comfortable environment for your office workers not only makes for a happy workplace but also helps with productivity. Spray foam insulation has many applications to help create a relaxed and happy work area.

The primary function of Spray Foam is thermal insulation. By insulating your external office walls, heat is not allowed to escape through them. Additionally, due to its nature, spray foam effectively fills every gap and space which means there are no drafts or cold spots in your office area. It also has the additional bonus of reducing you energy bill by up to 50%.

Offices, whether large or small, produce a lot of noise, which can be an issue for sound levels within boardrooms and meeting rooms. Furthermore, if your office is situated by a busy road with lots of traffic, or any other loud outdoor area, such as a school playground, the resulting noise can be a huge distraction for your workers. Spray Foam dramatically reduces the amount of sound which penetrates through walls and can be installed in both external and internal walls.

Offices situated next to industrial areas such as chemical storage rooms, and plant areas can be subjected to potentially harmful air pollutants and toxins. Garages are an excellent example of how hazardous fumes can leach through walls into an office workspace. To prevent these pollutants from entering a work area spray foam insulation creates an effective air barrier resulting in a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your workers.


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