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New Build

Environmentally responsible housing is such a hot topic these days, and when it comes to new builds, insulation is vital. Consider a new home as a box. The goal is to heat it once and top up any air warm that escapes. By effectively insulating it, the task of heating is greatly reduced and in addition, so is the heating bill and impact on the environment.

The easiest way for heat to leave a house is through the roof as heated air rises. Insulating the roof area is one of the most important tasks when it comes to insulating a home. With just 130mm of Icynene® spray foam insulation creates an air barrier but with up to 250mm the insulation becomes much more effective at creating a u-value which meets the requirements for a new house.

Like roofs, walls can be a great cause of heat loss. As is often the case, structural elements such as cripple studs and lintels receive no insulation, however, due to its nature, Icynene® spray foam insulation gets into all the gaps and provides excellent insulation even around these elements.

New homes can also draw in cool air via the space under the floor. In the case of a new home that doesn’t have a solid floor but rather a suspended floor, Icynene can be used. It can be applied underneath a floor deck to stop any cool air from rising and causing cold and uncomfortable flooring.


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