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Open cell is a soft flexible spray insulation that will completely insulate and air seal your building at the same time. This feature makes it ideal for using in industrial buildings, especially those with high sound levels or chemical storage areas. If you store potentially harmful chemicals, open cell can stop their movement from one room to another. This is especially important if you have workers in an adjoining room – in this case it should be installed between a work area and a plant room, boiler room or chemical storage area.

Spray foam insulation creates an effective sound barrier too and is the perfect solution for sound proofing an office or meeting room that is located next to a loud work area or plant room. This can create a much more comfortable and safe environment for you and your workers.

If air moisture is a factor which can implicate your manufacturing process, Spray foam insulation can help. Much like air pollutants, it can stop the movement of air moisture between rooms and alleviate potential damage that can be caused by condensation and mould.

A consistent room temperature is often an important factor with many industries, whether for the comfort of your workers or for the manufacturing of technical components. spray foam is an effective form of thermal insulation and can be used on internal and external walls to create a steady temperature throughout the room without fluctuations. It can also be used to insulate heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.


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