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Hotel & Leisure

Hotels and leisure centres can benefit greatly from Icynene® spray foam insulation. You want to create a comfortable area for you guests and by using an effective insulation you will not only provide a relaxed room, but you can reduce your overall heating bill by up to 50%.

Each guest in your hotel is individual, with their own particular temperature requirements. Icynene® not only helps to create a consistent temperature for each individual room it also reduces thermal transit between rooms. So if a guest enjoys a cooler temperature, you can be sure that they will remain comfortable even if their neighbours prefer a warmer room. Every guest desires a good night sleep and one of the key factors for this is peace and quiet. Icynene® provides effective sound insulation and will dramatically reduce the noise from adjacent televisions, snoring occupants or flushing toilets.

Leisure centres such as gyms and swimming pools have lots of challenges when it comes to insulation. Firstly, due their size and occupancy, they produce a lot of sound which travels and can inhibit quiet areas such as offices and meeting rooms. As with all other applications, Icynene® creates an effective sound barrier, greatly reducing the noise from public areas. The other challenge for leisure centres is high levels of moisture that occur in rooms like swimming pools and shower rooms. Thanks to the air barrier which Icynene® creates, any moisture in the air remains within that room and doesn’t transit through walls, which could cause damage through condensation and mould.


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