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Creating a comfortable and healthy environment of both patients and workers is paramount when it comes to health care and so there are several factors to consider for insulating hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Commercial buildings, like hospitals or healthcare facilities, are often of a complex design and using traditional methods makes it difficult to effectively insulate them. Icynene® spray foam insulation reduces the amount of air leakage within a health care facility and by expanding 100 times its size after application, it will fill every gap within a wall to provide superior insulation performance. By doing this, Icynene® seals a building to effectively manage air leakage and to create a consistently heated room.

Hygiene is such an important factor in hospitals and healthcare facilities. But unfortunately, some forms of insulation like fibreglass or cellulose can be used by pests, including rodents, to create nests. Pests in hospitals dramatically lower hygiene levels and cause risks to the health of patients and workers alike.

Icynene® energy efficient spray foam insulations is not a source of nesting or food material for pests and so the risk of finding unsanitary guests within walls and floor spaces is eliminated.

Creating a restful environment for patients is key for their recovery process and a consistently warm ward, devoid of drafts plays a large role in providing this. Icynene® spray foam insulation reduces heat loss through external walls and eliminates cold spots caused by drafts, creating a comfortable and steady room temperature.


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