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Energy Efficiency

Achieve energy-efficient design with spray foam insulation

Make energy efficiency your design goal with a two-in-one building material that adds true long-term value for your clients. Energy efficiency resulting from specifying spray foam insulation can contribute to the reduction of:

  • space conditioning (heating and cooling) costs
  • carbon emissions
  • the number of separate building materials used
  • construction schedules

By providing a continuous air seal, spray foam insulation can limit air leakage, which can account for up to 40% of a building’s energy loss. While U-value* is an important factor in evaluating the overall performance of an insulation material, a tight air seal can be equally important to achieve energy efficiency in your designs.

As a two-in-one product, spray foam insulation will:

  • provide insulating U-value* and air sealing
  • consistently perform all year-round regardless of climate or season
  • meet today’s stringent certification
  • minimize material waste and costs


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