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Classrooms should be comfortable areas to work in for both teachers and pupils and cold buildings that have drafts or cold spots make concentration particularly difficult. Any heating that is applied can easily be lost if improper insulation is installed, leaving the classroom cold and inefficient in terms of energy usage. Creating a much more comfortable and productive learning environment is simple and only requires the installation of Icynene® insulation.

Icynene® can also reduce noise levels within classrooms. As it acts as a sound barrier, it can be installed in interior wells between classrooms and in exterior walls to stop outside noises from playgrounds, sports fields or traffic on roads. This could be a particularly useful installation for sports halls and exam rooms.

Creating a comfortable learning environment means more than just achieving the right sound and temperature levels. Icynene® spray foam creates a safer and healthier learning environment by producing an air seal to keep out possibly dangerous pollutants that are able to travel through walls. These include dirt, dust, mould spores and allergenic irritants.

EFI are able to install Icynene® spray foam insulation with little or no disturbance to the current learning routine. Furthermore, proper insulation within a school can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% allowing you to focus funding on more important factors that can help improve the quality of learning that the students receive.


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