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We install Icynene® and several other insulation products in commercial properties like factories, warehouses, storerooms, exhibition halls, metal buildings and commercial barns. Properly insulating your commercial building comes with many benefits, no matter what the size or application.


Invest in a greener tomorrow by reducing heating usage, bringing down your carbon footprint and doing your bit for a brighter future. Our revolutionary, hand-picked products don’t just help to reduce costs, they also help to increase thermal efficiency within a wide range of properties, reducing their overall carbon footprint and making you a greener, smarter business.


Retail spaces and office environments need to be kept at comfortable temperatures, with minimal noise interference from outside and other sections of the building such as warehouses, our insulation products, from Icynene® spray foam insulation to Beading and Rockwool can get into those hard to reach places, giving you the best insulation your property can get.


Economical Investment

One of the largest economic drains on a business are the utility bills and an annual increase in costs means making a significant profit becomes increasing harder. Using Icynene® spray foam insulation makes you building warmer, creating a consistent temperature throughout and stops warm air escaping, which in turn makes it cheaper to heat.

More Comfortable Work Areas

Buildings with drafts and cold spots are uncomfortable places to work, especially if heating seems to have little or no effect. You can create a much more comfortable and productive working environment by installing Icynene® insulation. This seals gaps and eliminates cold spots and drafts in your building.

Healthier Environment

In addition to creating a more comfortable environment for your workers, Icynene® spray foam can create a safer working environment and benefit their health too. Icynene® creates an air seal to block out materials that can travel through walls such as pollutants and dirt and dust, furthermore, it will prevent the build up of mould.

Improved Structure

As well as economic and health benefits, Icynene® insulation delivers structural support for buildings, especially older properties with a compromised structure, keeping walls in check throughout its lifetime.

Protect Your Building

Icynene® insulation spray foam is a great way to stop infestations of pests within your internal and external wall cavities. Once set, the solid structure stops pests like rodents from burrowing and creating nests in your property. Additionally, Icynene® is not a food source for pests and so remains intact.

Reduce Noise

Occasionally, certain rooms that require silence, like boardrooms, offices, media rooms, operating rooms and hotel rooms, are often situated in a noisy environment or adjoin a room with frequent activity. An office within an industrial plant, garage, concert hall, swimming pool or classroom can sometimes become unbearable if no sound insulation is used. Whilst we cannot guarantee that Icynene® insulation eliminates 100% of outside noise, it can reduce the levels significantly.

Thermal Insulation

As mentioned above, Icynene® spray foam insulation’s primary function is to reduce loss of heat. However, it can be used to insulate rooms that need to be kept warm or cool as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.

Air Quality

Much like sound pollution, physical pollution can cause an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous working environment. Icynene® spray foam insulation creates an air barrier to protect you and your workers against pollutants such as dust, mould, carbon monoxide and even pollen. It’s ideal for installing between a work area and a plant room, boiler room or chemical storage area.

Managing Moisture

As well as acting as an air barrier Icynene® spray foam insulation doubles up as a moisture barrier protecting your walls against moisture damage such as condensation and mould. This proves particularly useful in separating rooms with high moisture, such as swimming pools and water tanks, with ordinary rooms. If your company produces components that have a delicacy towards humidity, such as computer chips, then it is important to alleviate possible transfer of moisture between walls and this is where Icynene® really comes in useful.

Fire Retardant

Icynene Classic Plus “O” is a class 0 fire rated spray foam insulation in accordance with document B – Fire Safety, building regulations 2000 and is in class 1 of the surface spread of flame test. Additionally it has certification to BS EN 476 Part 6 & 7.


With all this in mind, Icynene creates a much safer work place for you and your employees in terms of fire resistance and safety. Due to its high safety factor, it can be left exposed without additional fire resistant needs. So, if your building requires Class 0 fire rated insulation then Icynene Classic Plus “O” is the choice for you.






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